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In our feature gallery, we would like to inspire you with a hundred ideas on how you can customize your shade sails to suit your shade requirements. Our high-quality shade sails & waterproof structures provide stable shelter for your areas which have prolonged exposure to sunlight. From patios, deck and playgrounds, our emerging shade sail structures provide a whole new sense of environment, while protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun.

We have featured over a hundred photographs from shade sail installations that we have designed and installed around Perth and Mandurah. From simple backyards to grandeur facades, you can see that these useful materials gives a “Wow!” factor to the outdoors.

Enjoy our gallery and see the difference and the amazing functionality of our shade sails and waterproof structures.

Residential Shade Sails

Using the latest shade sail design technology, we can show you a virtual view of how your shade sail will protect your house, patio, pool or playground area. This way you’ll be 100% confident that you have the right shade sail solution for your home before a post goes into the ground.


Pool Shade Sails

Installing a shade structure over pool can deliver a range of benefits beyond UV protection and relief from the harsh rays. Mandurah Structures, Shade Sails & Marine Services has designed and installed a variety of Shade Sails for swimming pools.


Car & Caravan Shade Sails

Car & Caravan shade sails are one of the most important structures around the home. Our custom designed and installed Car & Caravan shade sails, provide sun and hail protection for your cars, boats, and caravans.


Backyard Shade Sails

Get inspired by our range of Backyard Shade Sails, custom designed and tailored to suit your outdoor needs.  Our backyard shade sails can be used to protect your plants from the elements or you can install them over an entertaining area.


Patio Shade Sails

A well-designed and attractive shade sail can make your home more attractive to buyers by extending the usability of your patio area. Our custom designed shade sails are great looking and very affordable and can transform a sun-drenched area by providing great shade coverage in a stylish, modern design.


Playground Shade Sails

Available in various colours and with superior UV protection, our playground shade sails are designed to suit your playground and maximise the shaded area throughout the hot summer months.

Playground Shade Sail Foreshore
Playground Shade Sail Foreshore
Playground Shade Sail Foreshore
Playground Shade Sail Foreshore
Playground Shade Sail Beachside
Playground Shade Sail Beachside
Playground Shade Sail Drone
Playground Shade Sail Drone

Childcare Shade Sails

Providing adequate shade for children and staff is an important health and safety issue that childcare services, regardless of their size, need to address. Shade sails in childcare centers provide much need Ultraviolet Protection for children and parents.


Carport Shade Sails

Carport shade sails are a stylish option and can be custom fitted to areas to secure shade in exactly the right spot over your car, truck, boat or caravan. Not only will our custom designed carport shade sails protect your assets from the harsh elements, they can also protect your vehicles from birds, leaves and general debris.


Cafe Shade Sails

When a cafe shade sail has been installed it offers a dual benefit of providing a cooler climate over your customers and your dining area whilst filtering out harmful Ultraviolet radiation.  Create an architectural statement with one of our café shade sail designs.


Carport Shade Structures

Carport shade structures provide a cover for your car, bike, trailer or caravan that means the vehicle is kept shaded and cool.  Our driveway shade structures offer year-round protection from harmful UV rays and hailstones, duco damage from corrosive animal droppings, leaf litter, dust and dirt.


Car & Caravan Shade Structures

Carport shade structures are one of the most important structures around the home. Keep your vehicle protected from the weather with a car & caravan shade structure from Mandurah Structures, Shade Sails & Marine Services.


School Shade Structures

We work with government and private schools, both primary and secondary, and universities to maximise their outdoor covered areas.  Our design & build process makes the construction of your shade structure cost-effective, with quick turnaround times for less disruption to normal school activities.


Cafe Shade Structures

Our shade structures can incorporate lights, heaters, blinds and external gutters to create a warm and attractive outdoor area that will keep your customers returning on a regular basis.


High Quality UV Fabrics, Custom Designed & Locally Manufactured

We only use high-quality, durable shade sail fabrics that block out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. From fabrics that are suited to playgrounds, patios, pools, schools or cafes, our highly versatile fabrics are suitable for every shade solution.

Take a look through our shade sail gallery and see how we have custom designed a range of shade solutions in a variety of colours, UV strengths, shapes, weight and width.

Mandurah Structures, Shade Sails and Marine Services has built its reputation on proven performance and shade sail longevity. With over 20 years of combined experience, we know that our high-quality, cost-effective fabrics will stand up to the harsh Australian sun.

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